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Day for day, up to 250,000 birds across Europe are killed due to collisions with glass windows, glass doors and glass building facades. Until recently, the solutions offered by the glass industry for this so called “Bird-Strike” problem have been disappointing – at best. Plus, the common use of predatory bird-stickers, designed to serve as a warning on glass windows, has proven to be totally ineffective.

ORNILUX glass products however are based on the findings of Dr. Alfred Meyerhuber, who has done extensive research on how the ultra-violet (UV) vision of birds helps them to recognize obstacles on glass surfaces. Here, ORNILUX glass uses specially designed coatings which make the glass sheeting visible to birds, while remaining almost invisible to humans.


A Glass That Saves Birds’ Lives
Unique functionality with simple installation: ORNILUX glass can be installed easily, just like ordinary glass, without technical restrictions or special tools.


From Nature & For Nature

Ultraviolet (UV) light provides birds with a “natural warning sign.” And even radial net spiders (like the common garden spider) spin their nets with silk strands which reflect UV light, thereby making them clearly visible for birds. Now ORNILUX glass is also using this so-called this “spider web effect.”  

In Cooperation with Germany’s Leading Bird Conservation Groups

Thanks to the scientifically proven effectiveness of its anti-bird-strike products , the Arnold Glas company has entered into a partnership with Germany’s regional bird conservation groups (Landesbund für Vogelschutz, LBV) as well as the nationally active Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). Here, both organizations inform the public on ecological product innovations and promote contacts with other political as well as wildlife protection groups.

Since 2011, a similar partnership has also existed with the well known American Bird Conservancy (ABC) group in Washington D.C., USA.

German Bird Conservationist’s Brochure promotes ORNILUX

A positive aspect of Arnold Glas’ partnership, since 2008, with the Bavarian Bird Protection Society (LBV) as well as the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) has been a special brochure on the anti-bird-strike glass ORNILUX Mikado, which highlights its effectiveness for architectural uses. The entire brochure is currently available at www.lbv-shop.de


Please visit our North America website www.ornilux.com for more information and contact details.


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